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Spatial Analysis, Geographic Information Systems, Cartography, FOSS4G, Disaster Risk Management, GIS for Crime and Emergency Analysis
• PROGRAMA DE INVESTIGACIÓN: GEICA-UDA, , • GRUPO DE INVESTIGACIÓN: NutriOmics, , • LÍNEA DE INVESTIGACIÓN: Functional foods and nutraceuticals,food processing., , • CAMPO DETALLADO: Food processing,
Neuropsicología, Psicología Positiva, Psicogerontología
Sharing and Governance of Electromagnetic Spectrum, Blockchain Technology, Agent-based Modeling
My research focuses on robotics, especially in motion and trajectory planning for mobile robots with different locomotion configurations. I am also interested in control theory and applied mathematics.
VIivenda sostenible, Sostenibilidad urbana, Diseño urbano, Urbanismo, Políticas urbanas, Patrimonio urbano.
Data Science, Data Visualization, Software development, Environmental Management Systems (EMS). ,
Seismic Engineering, Structural Dinamics, Seismic Vulnerability, Structural Health Monitoring, Seismic Assesment, Seismic Design
, Architecture, Teaching, Technology of Architecture, Building, and Urbanism, Materials, Elements, and Construction Systems, Design and Art, Sustainability.