About us

About us

Connecting minds across the globe

With internationalization as one of our team priorities, the International Research Networks Initiative-IReNe plans to expand our research efforts through dynamic partnerships with individuals and institutions around the world.

Launched in December 2017, IReNe focuses on connecting international scholars to work together on innovative research topics. The diverse cultural backgrounds, intellectual approaches and experiences of the members of these groups will set forth promising research initiatives that transcend national boundaries.

What we do

Among the variety of functions IReNe provides, our roles include

  • Guidance in the formulation and execution of research projects with international partners.
  • Contacting researchers, universities and international institutions.
  • Promotion of international agreements already established, as well as the creation of new agreements
  • Making use of networking tools and platforms such as Pivot in order to facilitate communications among partners

Service for international scientists

Contact IReNe staff:

  • Carla Salgado (Coordinator)