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Management, Marketing, Diversification, Opportunity Alertness, Leadership skills, and Entrepreneurship. Agricultural and Food Industry.
Biotechnology, Genetic Engineering, Bioprospecting, Enzymology.,
Virtual Intrnationalization including virtual mobility, virtual exchange, and virtual study; climate changes and global migration and the epistemic uncertainties of sustainable development implementation
Procesos de Construcción, Hormigón, Prefabricados de Hormigon, Prefabricados , de Metálicas, Prefabricados de Madera
Entrepreneurship and business planning, marketing, market research, lean startup, Corporate social responsibility, University Social Responsibility
Aplicaciones de Biotecnologia en especies vegetales.
Business management, financial risk management, environmental sustainability
Tourism Management, Sustainability, Nature Tourism, Tourism innovation, Rural Tourism
Hyperpresidentialism; Constitutional Law, rights and guarantees, constitutional review, Political Science, Presidentialism, Government System, Democracy, Constitucionalismo Latinoamericano