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Graphic Design, Graphic communication in the public space, Design of Experiences, Experiential Graphic Design, Environmental Graphic Design, Interaction Design, Editorial Design, Printing Technologies, Print production processes.
Architect, Master in Design, Diploma in Social and Political Anthropology, FLACSO Argentina, PhD student in Design at the University of Palermo, BsAs Argentina. University teacher and researcher, currently interested in issues related to the city, territory, mobility, territorial planning and citizen participation processes. Experience in community outreach projects, mobility research, planning and execution of projects in the area of ¿¿culture and cultural heritage management, management of work teams; Architectural planning and design.
Research professor in financial, accounting and budgetary topics
E-mobility, Smart cities, Transportation systems, Urban logistics, Network modeling, Travel behavior, Optimization, Sustainable transportation, Smart data, Tech, Transport & Cities
Ecología de restauración, ecología vegetal, ciencias del suelo, propagación de plantas
Information security, Cybersecurity, Serious games, video games, virtual reality, emerging technologies, Entrepreneurship, Information Technology Management, Neuromarketing, IT based model business,
Entomología, Taxonomía integrativa, Ecología Molecular, Ecología, Biogeografía, Genética
Epistemología del diseño., Diseño y ecología., Diseño e inclusión., Diseño y cultura., Diseño y turismo., Gestión del diseño