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My research focuses on robotics, especially in motion and trajectory planning for mobile robots with different locomotion configurations. I am also interested in control theory and applied mathematics.
VIivenda sostenible, Sostenibilidad urbana, Diseño urbano, Urbanismo, Políticas urbanas, Patrimonio urbano.
Data Science, Data Visualization, Software development, Environmental Management Systems (EMS). ,
Seismic Engineering, Structural Dinamics, Seismic Vulnerability, Structural Health Monitoring, Seismic Assesment, Seismic Design
, Architecture, Teaching, Technology of Architecture, Building, and Urbanism, Materials, Elements, and Construction Systems, Design and Art, Sustainability.
Management, Marketing, Diversification, Opportunity Alertness, Leadership skills, and Entrepreneurship. Agricultural and Food Industry.
Biotechnology, Genetic Engineering, Bioprospecting, Enzymology.,
Virtual Intrnationalization including virtual mobility, virtual exchange, and virtual study; climate changes and global migration and the epistemic uncertainties of sustainable development implementation
Procesos de Construcción, Hormigón, Prefabricados de Hormigon, Prefabricados , de Metálicas, Prefabricados de Madera