Piercosimo Tripaldi

Food Engineering


Av. 24 de Mayo 7-77 y Hernán Malo


Piercosimo  Tripaldi


  • Dottore Magistrale in Chimica (Master), Universidad de Milan, Italia, 2012

Piercosimo Tripaldi

Food Engineering

Expertise and Research Interests

quimiometria; quimica fisica,

Notable Achievements

    Research projects and activities


      • A retention index-based QSPR model for the quality control of rice. Journal of Cereal Science. 79 (2018): 303-310. Journal of Cereal Science, pág: 303-310 (2018)

      • C. Rojas, D. Ballabio, P. Tripaldi, V. Consonni, A. Mauri, R. Todeschini. Quantitative structure-activity relationships to predict sweet and non-sweet tastes. Theoretical Chemistry Accounts. 135 (3) (2016): 1-13. Theoretical Chemistry Accounts, pág: 1-13 (2016)

      • C. Rojas, P. Tripaldi, P.R. Duchowicz. A new QSPR study on relative sweetness. International Journal of QSPR. 1 (1) (2016): 76-90. International Journal of QSPR. , pág: 76-90 (2016)

      • C. Rojas, P.R. Duchowicz, P. Tripaldi, R. Pis Diez. Quantitative structure-property relationship analysis for the retention index of fragrance-like compounds on a polar stationary phase. Journal of Chromatography A. 1422 (2015): 277–288. Journal of Chromatography A., pág: 277-288 (2015)

      • C. Rojas, PR. Duchowicz, P. Tripaldi, R. Pis Diez. QSPR analysis for the retention index of flavors and fragrances on a OV-101 column. Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems. 140 (2015): 126–132. Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems, pág: 126-132 (2015)

      • C. Rojas, R. Todeschini, D. Ballabio, A. Mauri, V. Consonni, P. Tripaldi, F. Grisoni. A QSTR-based expert system to predict sweetness of molecules. Frontiers in Chemistry. 5 (53) (2017): 1-12. Frontiers in Chemistry. , pág: 1-12 (2017)

      • Desarrollo de la composición óptima del pan de dulce y de sal utilizando ingredientes tradicionales. Maskana, pág: ()