Juan Gabriel Barros

Computer Sciences


Av. 24 de Mayo 7-77 y Hernán Malo


Juan Gabriel Barros


  • Doctor en Redes, Sistemas y Arquitectura., Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse, Francia, 2013
  • Master Investigación en Ciencias de la Información y de Sistemas , Université Aix - Marseille ii , Francia, 2009
  • Ingeniero de Sistemas, Universidad de Cuenca, Ecuador, 2007

Juan Gabriel Barros

Computer Sciences

Expertise and Research Interests

Collective Sensing, Wireless Sensors Networks, Routing Protcolos,


  • Video processing inside embedded devices using SSD-Mobilenet to count mobility actors. Colombian Conference on Applications inComputational Intelligence (ColCACI, pág: 6 (2019)

  • Problemas de Implementación de redes Ad-hoc usando dispositivos Android. memorias del VI Congreso REDU , pág: 9 (2018)

  • Computer vision classifier and platform for automatic counting: More than cars. 2nd Ecuador Technical chapter meeting, pág: 1-6 (2017)
    Link: 10.1109/ETCM.2017.8247454

  • Persons counter through Wi-Fi’s passive sniffing for IoT. 2018 IEEE Third Ecuador Technical Chapters Meeting (ETCM), pág: 6 (2018)

  • A descriptive study of principal turnover and mobility in public schools from a southeastern state in the United States. International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation ICERI, pág: 7 (2017)